Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Icecream Anyone?

I'm trying not to list EVERYTHING new I come up with, but I really love how these turned out. I come up with the idea after going grocery shopping with my 2 year old. Of coarse, as usual when we headed down the frozen food isle, he starts doing the hand out motion and saying "cream, mama I want cream"..He can't say his "s"'s yet. lol So I picked up a tub of Neapolitan. We have 5 boys and lucky for me thats always a winner. When I got home and opened it up to make him a bowl I thought "what cute candles that would be!"

Yummy ~ Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla..

Too sweet =) 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bang for your buck

Just listed these today! New "Try Me Out Star Tart Melts". These are fairly large tarts so you may want to break these apart before adding them to smaller warmers.
I think they are adorable. You even get to choose your scent and color!

Shown ~ Sweet Frosted Carrot Cake


Monday, January 25, 2010

And the Winner is..

The winner of the Yummy Pink Sugar Cupcakes Wax Tarts Giveaway is...

Drum roll please......

Skinner Studios!
Thank you so much for all those that entered and made this giveaway so much fun!
I will posting another giveaway next week, so check back to enter!
I'll give you a hint..It will be something sweet & red and is PERFECT for Valentine's Day!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Freaky Friday

This actually was supposed to be a "Feature Friday" but to be honest with you I slacked a little and forgot to line up a seller to feature! lol..My mind stay so busy and I actually did email a wonderful seller of the CUTEST baby items bit I have yet to hear back. So...I'm making this FREAKY FRIDAY and feature myself! Yeah, I know..kinda shameless promotion, but oh well.
I thought this was too hilarious! Here's why.....

I was checking my Heartomatic a lil bit ago and found out this bad boy has been featured in the Gift Guides! YAY! But wait, which one? The GAG GIFT GUIDE! Why you ask? Seems like a harmless little jar candle right? Wrong..this is why...

A few months ago this Cinnamon Bun Jar candle was featured on Regretsy's facebook page. I added this new title to the listing to poke fun at myself which reads: Apparently they say the lil' looks as if it has a turd in the jar. Wondered why the darn thing kept getting so many views! I assure you that it does NOT smell like poo poo, doo doo, stinky, dookie, or diarrhea (as per comments left by facebook It would make a great gift for ex mother-in-laws, annoying co-workers, an uninvited neighbor or even the dirty old man who lives next door.*****

So, I made this my freaky Friday feature because I
FINALLY into a gift guide, but it just had to the GAG GUIDE! lol


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts For Haiti

WOW, is all I really can say! Hearts For Haiti shop started on January 14, 2010 and has already made 565 sales (donations) and counting! They have currently raised (after fees): $6369.66!! I think it is awesome what they are doing. I donated some cupcake tarts, the same as the tarts for my blog giveaway, for the cause last night and I got a message this morning saying they already sold! YAY! It's not much and I wish I could do more and I may donate again, but even that little bit makes me feel good. =) The items in the shops are flying off the shelves so I know the admin over the shop has their handful! One of the shop leaders is Nora from transienttreasures. It is devastating what has happened. And just this morning when I logged in I saw this in Yahoo news..another devastating blow. =( New 6.1-quake hits Haiti. I'm at a loss. So, I guess the point of this blog post is to give a shot out to Hearts For Haiti. And to thank all the people that are devoting their time to the shop to keep it running. Every little bit helps..THANK YOU!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

candle giveaway!

( Six) Yummy PINK SUGAR CUPCAKES Wax Tart Melts


How to Enter?

All you have to do is check out my etsy shop and then come back here and leave a comment about one of the items in my shop. Pick one that you like and tell me what you like about it! Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you’re a winner!

For a second chance to win, you can follow this blog and leave a comment saying that you do so (if you already follow me, just leave a comment saying that you already do).

For a third chance, become a FaceBook fan. Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know that you’re a fan!

And, lastly, if you have a blog, mention this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment letting me know with a link to your blog post.

This giveaway ends in one week, January 25th, at noon and the winner will be announced at this post and on facebook. The winner will also be notified and the prize will be shipped out shortly thereafter.

With luck, you could win this lovely gift or make it your own Valentine's treat!

What are you waiting for?

**Added note ~ Winner will be chosen using generator. That way it will be fair!

**For US only**


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Treats for your Valentine

We've been baking away at The Clack House this week getting ready for Valentine's Day! One of my favorite holidays. *wink wink* Here are some fabulous items I think that special Valentine of yours would love to get!

Yummy PINK SUGAR CUPCAKES Wax Tart Melts scented in "Pink Sugar Cupcakes" ~ A special treat for any sweet tooth! Indulge in the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes straight from the oven. Blended with rich vanilla, pure cane sugar, and topped with a smooth and creamy white frosting.

Yummy Valentines FROSTED CUPCAKES Wax Tart Melts XOXOXO Each tart is topped with buttercream icing and cute Valentine sprinkles

Here is some TO DIE FOR items from Tammy over at Milk and Cookeez.

This decedent Cherry Cordial Soapopz will make your mouth water and your skin smell absolutely delish! This "Hand Dipped" chocolate coating covers a syrupy, sweet cherry cordial soap. This fragrance will cure your sweet tooth, if you ate soap that is!

Cherry Cordial Soaps ~ yummy smelling soaps, complete with Chocolate coating and Cherry cordial center.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New look!

I'm super excited this morning to let all my sweet friends know that The Clack House is going through a major makeover! When I first started about 4 years ago everything I done was geared toward the Primitive style of things. Needless did I know that I had pretty much already "branded" my shop and items. Don't get me wrong I still love prim and will be incorporating both in my Etsy shop..hehe But the little girl inside of me that is still in love with bows, ribbons, polkadots, tutus and ANYTHING pink woke up about 2 weeks ago and said "hey, I'm still in here!" So, it's been a VERY long couple of weeks. LOL. I've redesigned my packaging labels, ordered tons of pink and polka-dotted ribbon, changed our Myspace page, Twitter and now our blog! I just loved how it turned out! I grabbed this template over at Delicious Design Studio (after staying up til midnight) switching out templates from various sites. I found this site too that I think you may want to check out ~ Template Mama. She has made a great list with wonderful blog designers. I adjusted the header that came with this template on! Easy peasy..I really like the clean lines of this one. I'm still a little nervous about what my loyal customers will think, after is all about your customers! But after posting my concerns of the "big change" in the Etsy forums, they made me feel a lot better! Anyway, sorry for rambling on..I'm just so excited!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So excited!!

Great news! We have teamed up with Milk and Cookeez! You HAVE to go check out their site! They offer scrumptious bath Sandwich cookies (soap), Soap Pops, Fizzy Bath Cupcakes, Yummy Cupcake Soap and much much more! I'm so excited for the new year ahead. Our candles and tarts are located in the "Sweet Extras" section. I'm also working with Little Black Box Sampler and contributing samples for the month of Febuary! So head on over and grab yourself a box!

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