Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lollishops ~ 1st Sale!!

Hey everyone!! I have been on Lollishops for about a month now with no luck. About a week ago I checked my email and had my very 1st sale! YAY! Whats more exciting is the email I received this morning from the very pleased buyer!! She purchased these two items: Frosted Hot Apple Pie Cake Bite Tarts and Grubby Frosted Birthday Cake Votive Candles (set of two)

This is the email I received from the buyer this morning!

Thanks so much! My mom was very impressed and loves her treats. My father was ready to pounce on them because he thought they were real. I have been trying to get her into the habbit of buying on Lollishops...but she gets stuck on the added shipping costs. I thought I would do the shopping for her then! ha! She bought some cupcakes at target? Pier 1? and said that they are no comparison to yours. Yay! So hopefully she'll start to buy online. The other thing is she hosts all kinds of gatherings at the house and loves to decorate...with fake food the better. So...hopefully her friends will be sent to you! She also mentioned how it smelled up the room so nicely! I am tickled that your creations knocked her off her socks!! It's been a pleasure, and hope to be back soon. You have my word of mouth promotion, too!


Needless to say I am VERY excited and wanted to share!! What a great start to the day!!

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