Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Baby

Ok, so I have already posted about this wonderful Etsy seller before, but I just HAD to post about her again after receiving yet another wonderful sheet of labels I had purchased! I contacted Autumn Leah over at Autumn Leah Designs a few weeks ago on creating a custom sheet of baby shower theme labels to use on custom baby food jar candles I was making for my BFF to use on the tables for decor at her baby shower. They were such a HUGE hit! Everyone just adored the little candles! YAY!! I also made other candles for the shower to give away for the game prizes. Autumn Leah is simply the most fantastic Etsy seller I have come across so far! She makes such lovely designs and has top-notch Customer service!! 

Here is one of the baby food jar candles I made using her labels

Too cute!!! You can purchase your own set of custom labels here:

Keep in mind she is due any day now, 
but she will open her shop back up as soon as everything returns to normal. =)

Next photo is the custom candles I made for the game prizes

Left to right: "Baby Cakes" Cupcake Candle, "Neapolitan" 16oz Mason Jar Candle,
4 Pack "Black Raspberry Vanilla" Frosted Votive Candles, 
Cinnamon Bun "Bun in the Oven" Loaf Candle

I even used one of the labels on a baby blue tag and used a
safety pin to attach it to the bow on the loaf candle. They were such a big hit! 
And don't worry, I was sure to bring a stack of biz cards with me to set on the table hehe..!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to save a life

Sorry guys for not posting in a while. For the last 2-3 weeks I've been taking care of our canine family member Spunky. He is a full blooded Bull Mastiff Pitt. And a big one at that! One Saturday, my hubby was outside working on one of his cars (as usual) and I come out to bring him something to drink. Our neighbors were out grilling and one of them yelled across the yard "Chasity, Your dog is bleeding".  I called him out from under the house and didn't think to much of it at first since he's gotten in oil and such before in the back yard. When he come up to me I just about past out. He had a massive chest would that was about 6" long and 3" wide. He was bleeding out everywhere. Of coarse, I started going into panic mode screaming for my Husband to come. This is what really upset me...since it was Saturday we only have one local (expensive) vet that takes emergency calls. The same vet in which I've been taking our Pomeranian I got this past Christmas to see. When we called they told my husband that they couldn't take him in because he was not a client! What? Not a client? Are you joking??!!! Lucky for us, my Husband works for the man who's Daughter runs the vet. So yeah, I called them! I totally went there. They told me not to worry about anything, to put my dog in the van and there will be someone up there waiting when I got there. And sure enough, there was three women waiting. Not too happy to see me, but they were there. We consider our animals like they are family. I will go to no end to save them. 

Here is Spunk Chunk (as I like to call him) resting in our laundry room after surgery. 

We still don't know exactly what happened to him or what he got into. The vet said he looks as if he tried to jump over a fence or it could have been a wild hog considering our location of where we live.

  He is a real trooper. He never whined or acted like it bothered him! 
She said that if we wouldn't have taken him up there, he would have died by morning. 

 He's my big Goof But I love him!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

shout out

This shout out post goes out to Autumn Leah over at AutumnLeahDesigns. I ordered a few new personalized labels for some of my candle jars. They turned out soooo adorable! I just had to post about it! 

This is the design I used for one of my candles
The listing can be found here:
Autumn Leah Designs Personalized Stickers 

She has sooo many cute labels and stickers to choose from. She is a WAHM and will design 
anything you need! Custom Orders welcome!

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