Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Saved Mr. Owl

Hi! Everyone! I absolutely love Christmas & I'm sad to see it go, but now..back to business as usual! I got a new digital cam and new computer for Christmas! Woohoo! Soo happy about that! I wanted to share a picture of an vintage owl I found while helping my husband tear down an old house. We tear them down for the heart pine wood to use in our cabinet shop where we live. I saved the little cutie from being crushed or trashed, took him home & tried my hand at antique washing. I think that he is adorable! He has a opening in the back and can hold a standard votive or even a tea light candle. I used grey/blue & antique white paint. What do you think?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Literally. Since I found it in September of this year (from a person on the Ebay forums..hehehe) I have found so many wonderful, creative, artistic 5 Star Sellers. I have found new meaning in the word "Handmade". When I thought of handmade in the past I thought of my Mema's quilts & knit hats. Yes, there are a lot of knits and such on etsy, but Oh My! EVERYTHING I have came across is so beautiful & creatively done! I guess I'm writing this to share my love for etsy with anyone I can! KUDOS to you all!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Etsy Hacks!!! Love em!!

Hey everyone! After sifting through the forums today on Etsy, when I should have been cleaning..hehe, I came across a thread about Etsy Hacks! You have to check it out! I really like the add-on scripts. I find especially useful the "edit this item" script. And the "forum user links" add-on. After installing you will have the option under everyone's post to be able to add the to fav's, view their profile etc..This list is from GreaseMonkey. It's easy & quick to download. Check it out!


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