Wednesday, February 16, 2011

open for business!

I am happy to announce that The Clack House is open for business (again) Vacation mode is off and were ready to dive back in! I have been back to browsing the forums again and WOW, things sure have changed. Not too happy with the new look of the forums. Not as lively as it once was. =( 

But on a good note, I finished listing some items late last night and to my surprise I woke up to 6 sales! Woo Hoo! Hope everyday will be this good! Thanks to all of my friends and followers that still check in on me. Here are a few items that are currently for sale. As soon as a buy a new camera (mine quit on me) lol, I will be listing brand new sweet treats!


1 comment:

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Yay! So glad to see all of your new goodies...especially lovin' the lollipop tarts :-)

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