Friday, March 27, 2009

New Puppies! Foxy Roxy & Roo Roo The Stud

We just got this lil bulldog pups & I just had to blog about them! They are so adorable. And sooo spoiled! Roo Roo The Stud & Foxy Roxy. So now we are are family of 9!! My hubby and I, 5 boys and 2 pups! Definately a full house. :)


milk and cookeez said...

They are adorable, your house must be busy :)
I wish you lots of fun with your new additions.

Meekiyu said...

awww omg they are so so so cute! My coworker always gushed about her bulldogs. I wish I could get a dog but no space and time =( . You so lucky! =D

Carmen said...

AWWWW, How cute they are! Bet your house is a BUSY one right now!

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